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Unread 01-06-2013, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by billiebob View Post
Even the headline...

So you want a diesel????

And you don't even sell it with one !!
Uh...note the date.
The thread was started nearly 4 years ago. The J8 kit was coming from Cerberus owned Chrysler/Jeep. Fiat did NOT continue the domestic J8 KD program with AEV.

However, for an update the following has changed;
Jeep continues to experiment with and improve the J8 type Jeep. The VM Motori* 2.8 has been improved for Euro 6 standards and the VM 3.0 is EPA certified and starts rolling off the assembly lines soon in the Grand Cherokee, Ram and maybe the Wrangler...AND, if you are an off highway mining, construction or forestry company the underground version is available IF you meet certain requirements.

* VM is now a part of Fiat Powertrain and considered an "in house" engine, since Fiat bought the 50% owned by Penske.
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