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Unread 04-10-2016, 05:19 PM
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Default A/c help please...

I'm swapping a 6.0 into a truck project and have a question about the a/c lines... I'm using the original Tj evaporator but have a gm R4 compressor. The drier and condenser are both universal aftermarket. First, I know nothing about how a/c works. As far as I'm concerned it's like magic...Flip a switch and cold air comes out... I have a diagram of how to route the hoses but it's not Tj specific. I'm gonna have to make lines custom. 1. Does anyone know the stock spring lock sizes for the evaporator?...both lines 2. Does an orifice tube have to be in a hard line? Can it be replaced with an expansion valve instead? Would it be better or worse? If it has to be a hard line, does the line have to be crimped to stop the tube from moving?.. The factory line is but is it necessary? 3. I. Going to use a rocker switch for the compressor on/off... Where/ how does the pressure switch wire in? It is my understanding that it is wired into the ground leg. Is that correct? Thanks for any help you can give. Pictures and diagrams or links are awesome if you can point me to answers. I've looked at a dozen sites but it seems that you need some knowledge of ac to understand... I'm clueless..
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