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Unread 08-23-2014, 08:27 AM
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An entirely awesome product, but one that offers only a marginal increase in utility over the ARB version. So, at this point, it's not worth replacing the ARBs with these. Replacing stock, sure, but not the ARB. If only this had come out sooner...

Speaking to R&D issues, whatever happened to
A) a highline kit for the JK that replaces the stock fenders with an aesthetic match that's much stronger and more flexible? and,
B) the "Step" version of the corner guards? ...seeing as the prototype was already in use, and it was designed to go on top of the existing corner guards ...and they're awesome!

Why go after a product that mainly replicates what others have done and only barely raises the bar instead of filling niches that are as-yet unmet?
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Unread 04-16-2015, 08:35 PM
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I'm also interested in a D30 version for my wife's Sahara. Hopefully one is in the works by now? Considering that most Jeeps out there are not Rubicons, if you can accomodate them by offering a front cover, you'd be able to sell them the rear cover also.
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