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AEV should prevent dealers from marking up AEV above MSRP

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  • AEV should prevent dealers from marking up AEV above MSRP

    Elk Grove has a Prospector XL I would love to buy. However, I refuse to pay a $26k premium above and beyond the MSRP of the truck, the MSRP of the AEV add-ons and then pay excessive taxes on both because they feel they should gouge people.

    In case the link goes dead:

    Here's the AEV build sheet -

    Here's a screenshot of the pricing:

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    you mean $137K isn't reasonable? muhahaha
    2017 Ram 2500 Diesel MegaCab, Black, AEV PXL
    2018 JKU Rubicon, Gray, AEV JK350 WannaBe
    2016 Ram 2500 Diesel, White, AEV Parts
    2014 JKU Sahara, White, 35's, AEV parts


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      One of the many reasons I left California. Lovely place, lived there on three separate occasions. I always felt like the goal of most California entities (public and private) was to find as many ways as possible to take people's money.

      Although, looking at the ad, apparently the truck features bluetooth and automatic temperature control, so maybe that's it. :-)
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        Showing me $139,K. They had a $30K market adjustment. But being in California I know there are plenty of people out here that have more money than sense.


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          When I bought my PXL last September. I called the dealer who posted it and told hm to hold it. I would fly in and pay cash. I had to argue with them and then run to the bank and photocopy a Cashier's check for 75% to get them to sign the sales agreement which was bindng. They didn't want to do it because they had plans when the vehicle was offloaded to display it on the lot and let the bidding begin. Shocking to me they had no interest in selling for the listed price cash no negotiation, nothing. BTW- They forced me to finance the remainder to make the sale happen. They make money on the financing back end.
          Great dealer but the whole process sickens me.