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2021 Prospector XL...hail damage

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  • 2021 Prospector XL...hail damage

    Crew, my beloved 2021 Prospector XL (Red, 6.7l) got caught in a hail storm. Didn't break any windows or anthing mechanical, but pocked the hood and a little on the driver side. I've got about 30k very gentle miles on it. I'm just not using it the way I thought I would be so I'm thinking of selling it. Any thoughts? Should I repair and sell or just sell as is. Again, it's perfect in every way EXCEPT the dang pocks. I've attached a picture of the worst of it.

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    I had a car and a motorcycle get totaled out years ago. I repaired the bike myself and made a bit on the insurance, but I took the cash payout on the car and never saw it again. I wish I would have kept it without repairing it because it would have been a free car that was fun still pretty new and mechanically sound but that I never had to worry about aesthetically. Plus, if you live in a place where it hailed once, it may get it again.