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5 AEV Pintler Beadlocks, 5 BFG KM2 35x12.50R17s & extra set of rings

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  • 5 AEV Pintler Beadlocks, 5 BFG KM2 35x12.50R17s & extra set of rings

    Selling 5 AEV Pinter Beadlocks with 5 BFG KM2 35x12.50R17 and extra set of 5 beadlock rings. These were installed on my 2012 JKUR in 2014 when I got my AEV 3.5” lift. Four are the tires and wheels Rin had on his white JKUR if you remember that amazing build. All 5 have custom 12pt ARP bolts for the beadlock rings.

    Asking $1750 - set was $3500+ when new. Accepting offers. More pics available upon request.
    These are located in Northern NJ - no shipping. I will deliver or meet you half way depending.

    This site has always been so helpful to me and I’ve met some great people here so listing here for a bit before I go to CL or LG. Great set of wheels and tires and IMO, the Argent Pintler with natural BL ring has always been an amazing look.

    Selling because I’ve moved up to 37s on non-headlock wheels.

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    Are these still availble? If so approximate tread depth?



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      Hi YES, I still have these - they've been stored in my garage and they are still very much for sale.

      For those that PM'd, I sincerely apologize for the delayed responses - been crazy since August with some personal and parental health issues. If you PM'd me, I am replying in the order in which you reached out to me with your interest.

      I greatly appreciate your patience and continued interest.

      MudBud - I will get details tomorrow but tread depths vary from a pretty much brand new spare that was not part of my normal rotation down to the worst one which is the middle picture in the original post.

      Thanks again.


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        Update on tread depth. Again, these are BFG KM2s and brand new the tread depth is 20/32. From worst to best mine are listed below, as measured by my micrometer:

        40% (8/32)
        50% (10/32)
        55% (12/32)
        60% (12/32)
        75% (15/32)

        I hope that helps.


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          Just a quick ping to bring this to the top and to say I hope all of you and your families are safe, healthy and well during these crazy times! Hopefully some of you are still getting out to enjoy some wheeling or overloading.


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            I'd love to see these wheels, tires and extra set of beadlock rings go to a good new home.


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              Still have these and would like them gone. Price drop to $1,600.


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                Really want these gone and will consider reasonable offers.

                I was sincerely hoping to sell these here since this is such a great community, because this site has been so helpful to me - and of course, because these are AEV products. :-) (They're also no longer available new, so if you've ever wanted a complete, clean set of five (5) AEV Pintler beadlocks with a complete set of extra rings and 35" BFG KM2s, options may be few and far between?)

                That said, since there doesn't seem to be much interest here, it's definitely time to list them with my local 4X4 shops, on CL and LetGo.

                Hit me up if interested.


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                  Still have these - would like them to find a new home. Please let me know.


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                    I do want these gone - happy to entertain offers. Somebody has to want these.


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                      I will consider separating the tires and wheels as I might use the tires on another project.

                      Asking $1200 for the 5 AEV Pintler Beadlock wheels, with the extra set of 5 lock rings.

                      Still asking $1600 for the complete set with 35" tires, though again, I may in the next 1 - 2 days decide to keep the tires.

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                        Price drop to $1500 for the wheels, tires and extra set of rings.


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                          Updates: I may be selling the extra set of rings separately as there is decent interest in those.

                          Either way this stuff is going up on LetGo, the Rausch Creek forum and some Ford Bronco forums shortly and I'm sure it will go. Sorry there wasn't more interest here.


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                            Still available?


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                              Hi, YES... still available and I still very much want them gone....