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Kooks 6.4L HEMI Exhaust Performance Headers

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  • Kooks 6.4L HEMI Exhaust Performance Headers

    For sale: Kooks 6.4L HEMI Exhaust Performance Headers

    These are new in box, purchased ~ 6 months ago (from Rubitrux), never installed

    Before I was able to install these headers my 2016 AEV JK350 6.4L was in an accident. It took several months but it was declared a Total Loss. Too late to return the headers…. perhaps your gain.

    I was super excited to install them as they will eliminate
    1. Cracked cast headers (which I had more than once)
    2. Failed catalytic converter (which I had more than once)

    Not to mention they add 30+ HP (more if tuned) and improve exhaust note

    Here is the description from Rubitrux:

    When using an AEV HEMI Conversion Kit to install a 6.4L in your 2012+ JK or JKU, you must use headers from a 5.7L. These headers have smaller inlet holes than the block of the 6.4L. This hinders the full performance potential of the 6.4L, by reducing exhaust airflow. RubiTrux collaborated with Kooks Headers and Exhaust to custom design a set of headers specifically for 2012+ 6.4L HEMI swapped JK and JKU Wranglers equipped with AEV's cat-back exhaust system. These long tube headers not only eliminate any airflow restriction, but they also give you beneficial power gains with even bigger performance increases seen from dyno tuning!

    Looking for $2200. You will pay for shipping (unless you’re local) but avoid sales tax.

    Located in CT

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    Did you ever sell these?


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      Did you sell yet?