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2017 Mega Cab for sale. less than 700 miles

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  • 2017 Mega Cab for sale. less than 700 miles

    I am 90% done with the truck, Just have gears to put in [4.56 nitro kit already in hand]. I bought this truck with the intent on seeing if their is a market for them in Texas. I have only seen them at the sate fair and the other two were not xl units. A Chrysler/Ram Certified in body and mechanical work put the body and suspension on the truck and even did more than was necessary for corrosion protection. Also I will be installing a carli suspension steering stabilizer, due to the fact that I opted out of the power assist ram... Its a mega cab so rock crawling I figured is not really in its future. I did this build to see if I could build 3 to 4 of these a year for people in the market and to become a exclusive AEV dealer that is a expert on the ram products that provide for a really great truck.. Please let me know if anyone is in the market. Its a great truck and their is not another one like it in central Texas. I would be happy to give any more details that you may need.
    I have a new 2017 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4x4 that I took straight from the dealer and installed American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL kit. That is a 3 inch suspension lift that allows you to fit...

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    So you are selling this on Craigslist as an AEV Prospector but it was not installed or built by AEV , no AEV badges or serial numbers ? On top of that you are asking AEV built money for the truck ? Something doesn’t ass up here ..


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      So myself and a friend that is a Chrysler tech did the fenders, the lift and I had the gears put in, Its a AEV Prospector XL kit right? So it makes it one of those trucks. No it doesn't have the badges or serial number. Just like you can add a kit and lift to anything. I used the AEV name because its the kit.. I am asking High I know,,, but why not. Its an expensive kit , truck, and installation time is close to 100 hrs. If you had a shop install this they maybe if they knew what they were doing could do it in 80 hrs. So I don't get what your problem is, I built mine own with all the aev parts so its not a aev ram prospector xl because of a sticker? And I want to build 3 to 4 of these a year to sell were i live? or to guys that want something different than a mall crawler. Im sure jeep is awesome with a 6.4 and is fun. Hope you have good one .


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        I think what he is refering to is the same with my truck. Mine was dealer built and not AEV built, hence I call it AEV RAM and not Prospector, as Prospector is only when it is actually built by AEV. So you have a RAM with AEV parts on it, if someone reads Prospector XL, they might get fooled by thinking it is an AEV built vehicle. To not cause any missunderstandings, you should call it RAM with AEV XL package and not Prospector XL.
        The name Prospector is only given to vehicles build by AEV. And price wise (I know from my truck) it make a huge difference in price from a dealer built truck to an actual AEV built truck. They only hold really good value if they have the AEV tag number and built sheet. Otherwise you get a little more than the stock truck and that´s it. Same with mine.

        I think that is what you ment 64HemiJK, right?
        2015 RAM 3500 CC Laramie, Cummins, G56, 3.73, ARB (front), 37" BFG KO2, AEV bumper, Dual Sport Suspension, Air Intake w/ pre filter, Salta HD wheels, D2S 4.0 Bi-Xenon retrofit...


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          Thank you AEVRAM3500 , that is exactly what I am saying .