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Ram 2500 Mega Cab with Prospector XL Kit

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  • Ram 2500 Mega Cab with Prospector XL Kit

    I have a 2017 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab with under 2500 miles. A certified FCA tech installed the fenders, Lift kit, front bumper and parts associated with the kit. Tires are the Toyo MT 40" that most people are running. I I had the tire pressure monitors installed on the wheels. Front bumper sensors are not installed ( did not install the front parking sensors because the guys at AEV had mixed reviews on how it worked with the bumper. I put the warn 16.5 winch in. I had a heck of a time with the gears. I went with the 4.56 ratio and yes they talk a little bit. The front is a nitro set the rear is AAM set up. Running about 75mph the motor is running 1950-2000 RPM. Reline diff fluid is in the front and rear. The truck has has never towed, I just did that picture of it with my other truck on the trailer for scale and well it looked cool. I did a final shake down run to Port Aransas, TX to make sure everything felt good and didn't fall off lol. I am going to have the alignment checked in the next week or so, and calibrate the speedo with the AEV programmer. I did not install the power ram assist. I chose not to because I figured its a mega cab and it wont be crawling over huge rocks , but hey if you want to put it on. Steers fine without it. I did buy a BDS dual fox steering stabilizer and a single Carli version. I have not installed either because It drives fine with the factory one, that's a huge reflections on how great the set up is from AEV. Buyer can choose which aftermarket set up they want. I built this truck and fell in love with it, but a job change that requires 250 mile round trip 3-4 days a week has squashed it being the daily. Hence the ecodiesel on the trailer.... An yes I have already considered the 1500 kit . Huge shout out to team at AEV for their tech help , and having a great attitude. After the new job settles down, I will build another one for sure.

    I'm asking $83,000.00 for the truck OBO

    The truck has the main features most Ram Laramie' shave

    I did have the bed sprayed , and front windows tinted.

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    If you want more detailed pics please send me a message and I will send them to you.


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      Now asking 75,000.00


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        gorgeous truck GLWS