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2018 AEV Prospector XL Tungsten Limited in Delmonico Red

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  • 2018 AEV Prospector XL Tungsten Limited in Delmonico Red

    If you are on the forum there isn't much I need to describe about the Prospector XL package. I checked off all the boxes, has the AMP steps etc. Truck is a fully loaded Limited Tungsten edition 2500 with rear air and ram box. IT does have sunroof, auxiliary switches, etc. Again every single box checked on the truck. I looked for months on this forum and calling AEV for a fully loaded truck with every bell and whistle possible, it wasn't ever done. I found ordered this truck from BOSAK in Indiana, had them ship it to AEV and AEV did their magic to it. Was an agonizing 6 month wait to finally get the email and pictures that it was complete and ready for pick up. I flew up from Texas and drove it myself from the AEV floor to San Antonio, TX. Drove just like my factory trucks or better, did teh drive in two days with my wife. No noise, no pulling, was a dream to drive at 80-85 highway all the way back to home. After the first two days of ownership and 1500 miles I changes the engine oil (AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40), AMSOIL EAO80 oil filter, replaced both fuel filters and installed Mag Hytec front and rear diff covers and flushed the diff fluid out with new AMSOIL Severe Gear oil. Truck has been a dream, have towed my race car to West Texas with zero issues, and cruised around town in it. Won't use it for work because it is too damn nice. There lies the issue. I will have had it in my possession a year coming up this March, and it has under 6000 miles on it. I drive it every month but put it back in storage with a cover over it on Sunday to get the work truck back out.
    Love the truck but maybe it is time I wise up and sell it. It is paid for so it is sitting taking up room and not getting used enough, and I'm paying insurance on it. We may be starting a family soon so selling is the obvious choice to help that along.
    It is not listed anywhere else and I'd be happy to email anyone pictures of anything they would like to see. It is showroom condition.
    Not sure what to list this at the moment but if an interested party wants to make an offer in the meantime I am all ears.
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    what race car you towing ; ) GLWS - XL are awesome.


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      Originally posted by lucky73 View Post
      what race car you towing ; ) GLWS - XL are awesome.
      A Viper TA2.0 with heads/cam, tractive suspension etc...


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        Nice! what a combo XL and Viper track beast


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          I'd love more info I'm in Dallas area


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            I sent you a private message
            17 RAM 3500 CTD HO/Aisin CC SRW- AEV conversion
            AEV front and rear bumpers
            AEV wheels
            AEV differential covers
            AEV mudflaps
            Vision X lights
            Warn 16.5
            AMP power steps
            Titan aux fuel tank
            TruckVault / CargoGlide
            Nuthouse Industries custom bedrack
            Carli Backcountry suspension