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2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon w/ New in the Box AEV Highline kit & extra's

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  • 2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon w/ New in the Box AEV Highline kit & extra's


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    Guys I really do apologize. I'm battling with this forum for some reason over posting this thread.
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      Here’s your chance to own one of Dave Harrington’s favorite platforms. The 2006 Jeep, the model that industry writers have touted as the “Last true Jeep.” Before the JK owners of the world bomb me, I believe they were referring to the fact that it’s the last Jeep with a true tub and fenders that bolt onto the firewall.

      I’m selling my fully loaded, 2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon in Impact Orange. The LJ features a custom color matched factory hard top also in Impact Orange. The color matched top look great and never fails to get compliments. From Easter Jeep Safari to the Rubicon, there is always someone that has a complimentary comment about the Jeep. Currently the LJ has around 64,000 miles on it and has been stored inside since my ownership. The numerous times it’s been to Moab, it’s always been on the trailer.

      The Jeep is our 5th vehicle in a household of 2 drivers. This is my second LJ and was supposed to be the one that I kept forever. However, after last year’s NORRA Mexican 1000 I have been bit by the ‘Go fast bug’ and need the room before I can start building a desert car. I searched for a long time finding the “right” LJ to buy. It had to be unmolested, showroom clean and an automatic transmission. When I found this one, it had lights mounted on the A pillar. When I asked the seller how he had mounted the toggle switch for the lights (Fearing that he drilled a big hole in the dash) he replied, “I used an existing bolt hole underneath the dash.” I knew this was the LJ to buy.

      A little backstory; I bought the first 2004 LJ in Northern NV and within two weeks of ownership it was in the fab shop getting coil overs through the hood, 37” BFG Krawlers,, custom roll cage, Mastercraft seats front and rear, Atlas T-case, House of Kolor electric green flames, custom axles and on and on. The 04 was more buggy than Jeep. The day I sold it, I looked at my wife before it was even around the corner and told her that my “Next one will be orange.”

      I wanted this one to be everything the 04 was not. I wanted to exploit the clean and simplistic qualities that make it a Jeep. At the risk of sounding like a cliche
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        , a more is less build. A style that AEV has absolutely nailed.

        The LJ comes fully loaded, satellite radio, automatic transmission and the compass/ thermometer rear view mirror.

        It also features;
        - King 2.5


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          King 2.5” Remote Reservoir shocks. These were custom valved for this LJ with a full 31 gallon tank, hard top, trail equipment, ARB refrigerator and the weight of our family of four. This was accomplished using independent wheel scales.
          - Gen-Right 31 gallon fuel tank. This is a must for anyone attempting Elephant Hill outside of Moab who doesn’t want to muck around with jerry cans. With our family of four loaded on day trips, I didn’t want to have to do the jerry can dance, or take up precious inside space with a can. In full disclosure, the one negative has been that it throws a check engine light from a “Minor vapor leak.” A quick internet search proves this appears to be a common issue with the Gen-Right tanks. I have not pulled the tank in an attempt to track it down.
          - Front and rear AEV/ MOPAR bumpers.
          - A 3” Teraflex suspension lift.
          - Optima Yellow top battery.


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            The LJ also comes with many extras;
            - A brand New in the Box AEV Highline kit.
            - A full set (5) of AEV Pintler wheels, also New in the Box, never mounted
            - An OEM soft top, minus the uppers for the factory hard half doors.
            - A set of Jeep/ MOPAR factory hard half doors. These are currently disassembled for paint. I have already had the re-keyed to match the ignition and the full hard doors. If you have tried to source these, you know how hard they are to find. I found these out of New Mexico. These have been discontinued by MOPAR. The interior door panels are rough and I was planning on just buying new ones.
            - A New in the Box Gr8tTops Exogate tire carrier. Again, I was trying to keep the lines simple and clean. The Exogate ties into the rollcage and is engineered to support a 37


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              The Exogate ties into the rollcage and is engineered to support a 37


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                What a mess...


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                  The Exogate ties into the rollcage and is engineered to support a 37” tire. This system works and opens with the tailgate. It’s easy enough that a 6 year old can access the rear. This is still in the box awaiting paint with the Highline kit and half doors.
                  - A used Teraflex Tummy Tucker skid plate.

                  I’m sure I’m forgetting items and will edit the thread as they come to me.

                  I’m asking $25,500.00 for everything and I’m firm on the price. The Jeep is located in Reno NV and delivery may be possible to certain locations in the West with a substantial nonrefundable deposit.

                  You can either pm here, or e-mail me at: the agave worm @ yahoo .com (NO spaces).

                  You’ll notice in some of the images that the LJ has a Warn Dual Force Power Point winch and a Baja Designs OnX6 light bar. These ARE NOT included with the sale. I no longer sell winches with vehicles. I finally learned this the hard way after buying the same winch model 3 times…

                  Now for the pictures;


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                    Ladies and gentlemen, I really do apologize for the cobbled together post. This was the 6th time I wrote this ad. Each time I hit the "submit" the system would say I was not logged in and delete my work. Finally I wrote the ad, saved it to Word and had to buthcer it before the system would accept it.

                    If there are any questions please contact me at:

                    the agave worm @ yahoo. com without the spaces and I can send the original ad.

                    And thank you, but no, I will not be parting out items without selling the Jeep. This is not a distress sale, if I don't get me price I will just kep it and finish the build. Thank you for your patience.


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                      This is comical... Now it won't post my pics. Maybe it's a sign.... pm or e-mail me for images. I give up.


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                        Thank you for your interest. A generous forum member has offered to post pics for me. Pictures are coming.

                        To the numerous people that have sent requests for the High Line kit, I appreciate the interest, but if this doesn't sell as a package I will just keep it and finish the build before I part it out.

                        Thanks again.
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                          Great looking LJ for sale!
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                            More photos
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                              The painted hardtop looks awesome!
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