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Which manufacturers (if any) would you like to see AEV partner up with?

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    I am reading alot of people bringing up the Xterra. It is a capable offroad vehicle, but you never see those lifted. I believe Rancho makes a 2.5 inch lift for it to fit 33's. If AEV came up with there own lift for it to 33's or 35's and threw in the motor from a Titan. It would be nice on and off road, and it would have four full doors unlike the FJ.
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      I've been buying jeep since the mid seventies..Wide wheel Cherokee....J10 Honcho... J10 Golden Eagle...and others ....Still have the Eagle...Now if AEV were making parts for those trucks, I could understand the questions purpose...Those units rusted to the ground in a just a few years...Todays jeeps have all the modern production perks, Excellent paint jobs..inside and out and underbody too these trucks don't rust out over night...But then I only paid nine grand for the Golden least four times that for my 06 Commander, which stands a chance of standing the test of time....So with the entire Jeep line being so advanced compared to yesteryear, why is AEV looking to produce parts for another vehicle....Do you know something that none of us know about the current managements position that leads you into this question? Toyota wants to steal the US market....I want to keep buying American made Jeeps....Not American made Toyotas,Nissons or others. I'm to old to change, don't want to change, and yes I was born before WWII. My grandchildren are here now, and I want them to be able to buy American made Jeeps. Lets continue supporting the worlds best and most popular "jeep" !!... AEV..I want a winch bumpers for and other parts for my Commander that you don't seem to be interested in making. Why, when there are so many triing to buy from you, you are looking to support some other unspecified manufacture? You have the inside track with Jeep, why don't you fully exploit it with the products that you advertize making?


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        Jeep forever

        I think that Jeep fails again, or whatever you want to call this hypothetical question, that the only thing, the best thing, would be for AEV to buy the complete rights to Jeep, and keep it the best best off road vehicle in the world. Nothing beats an AEV built Wrangler!!![/COLOR]


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          Toyota's new FJ cruiser appears to be a good one to consider. If you beleive thier marketing info, this one is built to be an off-road machine and a quite good one at that.

          2nd choice would probably be the Nissan X-Terra.

          Unfortuneatly, there really aren't any other good off road offerings made by the big 3 (Ford, Chevy, or Dodge). They just have SUV grocery getters and thats it.


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            I agree about the Nissan X-Terra. It has been around for a long time, still a very popular car. It would be the obvious choice.


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              I would like to see more parts for the WK and XK before AEV decides to move on to a different auto line. I realize it is speculation but there are those of us whom are still awaiting all the great toys that AEV has noted to have on there WK & XK that are still not available.
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