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Savegre Setup on WK -- Questions

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  • Savegre Setup on WK -- Questions

    Hey all. First time posting here. I've scoured the forum looking for advice and still have a couple questions about trying to fit a set of AEV Savegres on my 2008 WK.

    Right now, the vehicle is totally stock and has the 18" Limited OEM "chrome" rims installed on 245/60/18 tires. I'm dying for a new set, so I purchased some used BFG Rugged Terrain 265/65/17s. I've gotta pick up new wheels, and I'm really into the AEV Savegres.

    I know these aren't optimal for a WK. The internet tells me it doesn't seem like I'll need a spacer (I think the backspacing on the OEM rims is 6" compared to 4.75" on the Savegres... but let me know if I have my info wrong). I have two mindsets, though...

    1) If I get the wheels and run them with the 265/65/17s, will I experience (too much) rub? Math tells me the new tires in combo with the wheels will protrude 1.8" further outside the wheel well.

    2) Is there any point running these super badass wheels with no lift? (e.g. should I just wait and buy bigger tires and install a lift? Understand this is kind of a taste question.)

    3) If I wait and install a lift (which is my plan eventually, anyway... go bigger!), anyone know what size tires I might be able to run with a 2" lift? And 4"? I can't go any bigger and still pull my WK in the garage to work on it.

    Sorry to bother you with my amateur questions. I've had my WK 4 years and shamefully haven't done anything to it in all this time. I've gotta pay it some attention! Especially since my CJ is broke-down.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Every WK Ive seen with AEV wheels had a 4" superlift on it. But I believe they were running 33's. Best thing to do is throw them on there and see whats going on.
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