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  • newbie wk questions

    I just purchased a 2005 WK and I'm planning to raise it up a bit. I have been researching for a few days and it seems this Superlift is the way to go. I have looked at pictures here and in a couple of other jeep forums (visited by some users here). I love the Pintler wheels but can't afford them, so I'll be using the stock crome wheels. Don't laugh. I left the stock crome wheels on my old Dodge 2500 and the 315s looked fine. If it helps to answer the questions, this jeep won't really see any trails unless something goes horribly wrong. It will get me to work on my short commute and serve as the second family car. I just feel weird going from a large truck to a Jeep that is slightly lower than stock due to its previous life as a tower.

    1. I noticed that if the stock rims are used, a spacer of 1 to 1.25 inches is recommended. Is there anything wrong with using a 1.5 inch spacer? The shop that will be doing the installation wants to use Spidertrax spacers of that size. I trust the guys there but they haven't done this lift before, so I just wanted to check here with the experts.

    2. It seems that the 285/70 is the most common tire size with the lift (based on the profiles and pics that people have put on the net). I also saw the newer pictures of the original Mojave that has 305s on it. Does anyone have other picutres of that jeep? I ask because the 305 looks a little too big for my taste but the 285 leaves alot of room in the fender. I know it sounds like I'm being picky and critical but I just want to get it right the first time. I noticed that Toyo makes their mt in a 295. Maybe that will be just right.

    What tire and spacer sizes are on this one?

    Also, thanks to the AEV folks for putting the mirror tilt option on the EGR module. I'm used to big towing mirrors and I can't see to back into my driveway very well in the Jeep.

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    I used a 3/4" spacer on those early cars. You wont find a 3/4 spacer, but you can have them made by a machine shop. The lug nuts will be above the surface of the spacer, but the stock wheels have a cavity in the back that allows them to fit with no issues. If you're stock wheels have that you should be good to go. The Pintlers are designed with about 3/4" more offset and to be honest, but the time you get some spacers made, the Pintlers would be a lot cheaper.

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      Hi Guys,

      I have recently bought a WH/K overland 2010 here in australia and I will be building it to look like the mojave, i have a few questions;
      • i know the suspension is the 4" superlift but what is the part numbers for the front bilstiens and is teamed up with the 5160 rear shocks
      • does it have the factory front springs or other brand.
      • what is the actual tyre brand/model/size that was on the mojave, my research show 33", 34" 305/70/17, 305/75/17...
      • was the diff ratios changed if not is it recommended so you dont lose any power
      • with hidden winch bracket is there a template to help cut out the inserts into the bumper.


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        1. call 4x guard They ell the Bilsteins
        2. Superlift
        3. BFG 285/70/27
        4. No
        5. 4Xguards sells a winch mount I believe

        I owned a Mojave and replaced the original Bilsteins with 4x guards Bilsteins