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4 inch Superlift lift kit for Jeep XK & WK discontinued due to rift with AEV

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  • 4 inch Superlift lift kit for Jeep XK & WK discontinued due to rift with AEV

    I am seeking a 4 inch suspension lift for an 07 Jeep Commander 4x4 Overland.

    Will AEV go into a limited production of the parts required or wiil they just abandon owners previous sales of the lifts by AEV and Superlift?
    The parts required for this lift were very specialized for the XK and WK and super lift has terminated the manufacturing of the kit due to a rift with AEV over the EGR box.
    if an owner of one of these kits breaks a knuckle or has there EGR box fails they have no alternative but to scrap their vehicles at this time.

    I was very much looking forward to purchasing the lift for my truck when I got home from deployment only to find out last week my dreams have been smashed! by Superlift and AEV.
    It was an expensive lift and I would gladly pay a little extra to have it still available.


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    Im in the same boat. I purchased a 2006 WK with the Superlift 4” lift. I found a AEV egr box (the jeep was missing this) but the harness is for an 08-10 WK. Ive contacted both Superlift and AEV and neither want to try and help with just a wiring harness diagram request. I asked Superlift how they offered a lifetime warranty if they have no warranty parts, his response was “it’s a limited lifetime warranty until such time we stop making it for any reason”. And of course they have stopped making it….

    So if anyone can hook me up on the 05-07 wiring harness diagram i would appreciate it!