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2013 SEMA Ram 1500, needs some AEV upgrades and beadlocks

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  • 2013 SEMA Ram 1500, needs some AEV upgrades and beadlocks

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    it already has beadlocks, that you can color match to add flair!

    It'd be nice to route that line past the radiator to heat the water up...haha They stole your design Jadkar!

    I think the roof rack would be better for construction. I don't see many surfers having the money for a truck like this. I know sterotyping, but wouldn't cali drivers not want to pay such a high fuel bill just to tote their boards around. But I guess construction isn't sexy. It just builds everything we use.
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      The surf "Trend"Stay in the east... Surfing is a lifestyle and adding the word "Sun" to a Ram isn't going to make it any more appealing. You wave stealing, non local Barney. Talk about lip stick on a pig...


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        hey, but he's got righteous shoes to go with his homer accent, brah.
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