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Pintler Wheels needed for 2005-2010 Grand Cherokee(WK)

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  • Pintler Wheels needed for 2005-2010 Grand Cherokee(WK)

    I'm purchasing a 2006 Grand Cherokee and I need to know if anyone has a set of Pintler AEV wheels available for sell, or knows where I can get a set. AEV no longer sells them, but I had purchased a set for my 2005 WK back in 2011. Thanks for all the help!

    Jeremy in Ky

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    Or does anyone know if the Wrangler Pintler wheels will fit on a Grand Cherokee?


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      Were you able find any? I'm in the same boat. The JK versions will fit I believe, but from what I gather would just place more unnecessary stress on wheel bearings and lug bolts, and have more unnecessary protrusion out of the wheel wells, kicking up more road debris onto side panels, etc. Seems the 25mm offset of these was optimized to be able to fit bigger tires while just clearing the UCA bolt. Can't find any suitable alternatives that aren't full of too much shiny bling-bling for my taste. Really wish AEV would bring 'em back!


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        Good luck