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  • Brute DC with Pentastar

    Hope everyone is well.

    I know the Brute deserves a Hemi (and probably no less than the 6.4L) but has anyone seen or can anyone offer a review of a Brute built with 'only' the 3.6L Pentastar engine?

    I'm a lifelong Wrangler owner yet I still can't stop daydreaming about owning a Brute. My wife is soon to graduate med school and personally I think this would be the perfect way to reward...ME! I can't believe I made it this far!

    With that being said I'll probably be 60 by the time I can afford the extra $35k to equip one with a Hemi so...

    Is the Brute with Pentastar a complete dog or what? Sluggish and unimpressive?

    A little first hand experience might push me in one direction or another.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I've drive all three. 3.6L, 5.7L and the 6.4L DC Brute's and honestly even just the 3.6L is fine. It's not a torque machine or rocket ship but neither is the JKU with the 3.6L. I think you'd be fine with the 3.6L in a DC Brute and this is coming from me a long time HEMI owner/builder/driver... Hope that helps.

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      the Brute conversion does not add much weight, or any possibly, so the 3.6L is fine though a 6.4L is nice too. You can always add it later.
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        I bought my BDC with 35" tires and the 3.6. It was fine when I just had the 35s. Went to 37" , 4.88 gears and added a Ripp supercharger. Definitely made things better for off road. Everything is good until I tow my off road trailer or drive somewhere with a lot of altitude changes. Now I'm on 40s and preparing for a 6.4 swap. Have everything except the kit ready to go. So, in conclusion, it depends on your intent. Staying on 35" tires, the 3.6 will do just fine in most scenarios. Adding a trailer or more tire/weight? You will want some more power. IMHO.

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          Thanks gang. I was kind of afraid you all would say that!

          I think I know what I need to do...!



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            Originally posted by bnordsman View Post
            now i'm on 40s and preparing for a 6.4 swap.