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Anyone ever seen this happen?

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  • Anyone ever seen this happen?

    For the last few months I have been hearing water sloshing around somewhere in the Brute while cornering sometimes. At first I thought maybe it was the sound of my chain or some recovery gear behind the back seat. Anyways, I finally determined it was definitely water and started to try to track it down. It's up in the rear section of the hard top. I checked the brake light and it's sealed up tight. I think some may be coming in where the seal for the freedom top panels rest but I have found one place it is getting in for sure and it's quite troubling. On the top of the hardtop where the rear vertical section was attached to the shortened top section there are a few cracks. The paint is chipping and the fiberglass (or whatever it is joined with) is cracked.

    I am going to drill some holes up from the inside and drain the water out and then use some little plugs to fill the holes. That way I can remove them if I need to drain it again in the future. I was thing of sanding down the seam and filling the cracks with some sort of sealer then spraying closed cell foam up into the cavity through the drain holes. My thought is this will seal it from the inside and provide some structural support to help prevent the cracks from reopening or getting worse while also sealing it from the inside.

    Any thoughts on better solutions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is the first i've ever heard of it. You might contact AEV before you do any drilling.
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      I'll give them a call but Detroit is a long ways from down here in Austin. :-)