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  • Brute Double Cab Tailgate

    Do any of you with a new (I'm guessing 2015-16) BDC have any pics of the tailgate? My 2013 is headed to AEV in a few weeks to have some work done on the top. While it's there they said they could switch my tailgate for the new design. I think it's just the way it latches that's different but I was hoping to get a look at it before I do the switch.

    Currently I trying to find a shop down here in Texas to rework the existing tailgate to open with a single handle more like a traditional pickup. I've just had one too many times I've come out of the store with a bag of something while it's raining and putting it on the ground so I can use both hands to open the tailgate isn't fun.


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    Hope this helps. Much better improvement.


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      Is anything different other than the latches? Don't suppose they tied them together do you only need to pull one to release the latch? Do you happen to have a pic of the tailgate down?