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    Earthroamer is no-longer, they have gone bankrupt.
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      Originally posted by MC4X4 View Post
      Earthroamer is no-longer, they have gone bankrupt.
      As much as I liked their products.... That really doesn't surprise me
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        Prices of some earthroamer's products were crazy!


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          I just saw the thread over on expedition portal.It really is sad.

          That would be cool if AEV could get some of their product line,similiar to Nth.
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            Originally posted by forsakenfuture View Post
            I just saw the thread over on expedition portal.It really is sad.

            That would be cool if AEV could get some of their product line,similiar to Nth.
            Kind of seems to go with the AEV idea of overlanding, but at the same time that is such a niche of a niche market that I am not sure how much business sense AEV could make of it.

            I know that on their JK conversions they were using some AEV parts, along with other companies that we all use for our own personal vehicles and I just hope they don't get burned too badly to where we see drastic price changes.
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              wonder if an Adventure Trailer FLip Pack could be made to fit on a Brute.

              Adventure Trailer Flip Pack

              Adventure Trailer Flip Pack video at Overland
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                Yes they can, we talked about it at SEMA.

                4Wheel Campers has also expressed interest in making one of thiers to fit the Brute.

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                  Jim N

                  Just my 2 cents worth but I've done a lot of adventure camping both in Australia and Africa. I started with a camper trailer with Australian style fold out tent camper top. It was great but limited manoeverability and where you could get to in some instances. I went to a camper module on the tray, similar to some that you guys have shown (ie hard bodied, pop top etc). It was also great but, especially in Australia where we often to set up a base camp in a spot for a while, it was VERY irritating having to break camp every time I wanted to drive anywhere and it was also very heavy (very poor fuel economy as well). I then went to a camper module on the tray that had extendable legs so you could jack it up and drive the car out from under it. That was also really good but I ran into the problem that all of these hard bodied camper modules are heavy and they all limit the amount of gear that you can carry. What I finally arrived at was I took the Australian style fold out canvas camper top off a camper trailer (I actually bought it seperate to the trailer) and made a set of sliding racks that I could bolt onto the tray and then fitted some fold down legs to the camper top. Above the room on the tray required for the camper unit (it's less than 1ft high) I fitted a false floor. I carry my Engel fridges, storage boxes, dirt bikes etc etc on top of the false floor. I also have a racks with hydraulic pistons for the fridges so it's a one handed task to drop them down to a comfortable level off the side of the tray.

                  It's very simple to slide the camper out from the back of the tray, fold down the legs, open the tent, set up the awning and it's done - an overnight stop is about 10 minutes setting up. I like the canvas as well - it's 14 ounze, strong, water proof, wind proof and easy to repair. The floor of the camper is vulcanized rubber that runs about 300mm up the sides of the tent from the floor - no moisture gets through at all. I have had this thing in tropical downpours without any problems whatsoever. You can fold it up wet without an issue - you just have to make sure you open and dry it when you finally get back home. It's also easy to set it up on uneven ground. Lastly, you live on ground level in the camp and the tent becomes part of it - climbing up ladders into trayon campers or roof top tents is a pain and you still need to set up tarps/awnings to put your chairs and tables under.

                  I have done trips with this set up to remote places that there is no way I would have got to, either because of range or 4wd ability, with a hard bodied trayon camper or a trailer.
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                    Jim, I'm sure I speak for others when I say we'd *really* love to see pictures of that setup.



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                      Saw Video of the Brute with the Four Wheel Camper. Really impressive. Do you guys have any pics of the inside?
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                        I love the concept, but to me the Four Wheel Camper looks like a misfit on the Brute. Too wide and too long. And as I mentioned in the other thread concernin' these particular campers, they ain't willin' to do no custom work at all (interior or exterior). It is what it is ... take it or leave it.

                        Finally got around to doin' me some more research and found what I believe is a viable option for my needs:


                        (I highly recommend readin' the "About Us" tab and gettin' the explanation of their relationship with Four Wheel Campers.)

                        Bottom line is they'll custom build a unit to fit anythang. Now we're talkin'.

                        I'm thinkin' a smooth-sided, color-matched unit built to match the width and length of the Brute bed. Would make 'er look nice and sleek ... in fact, very similar to the look of EarthRoamer's JK.

                        Interior complete with sink, stove, fridge, and maybe even a bathroom. Looks to be very doable for a party of one.

                        Gonna be in the Denver area this summer anyway, so prob'ly drop in for a look-see at the fac'try ... and maybe just go 'head and order me up one.


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                          Interior shot:

                          Click image for larger version

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                          This camper was supposed to have color matched smooth sides, but didn't because of the timing to get it to the Overland Expo 2010.

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                            Originally posted by AEV Dave View Post
                            ... I'll be building mine with a 124.9" wheelbase to get a bigger tray and be able to put an 8' long camper module on it with the right proportions.

                            Dave, I know it's an old post, but I was wondering if you were thinking of getting the wheelbase you mention here (124.9") by using the full Brute frame extension on an LJ or modifying (lengthening) the Brute package for a TJ? I keep thinking of the proportions of a full Brute frame extension applied to an LJ, wouldn't that look good and function well for your purpose? Have you tried it/thought about it?



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                              Just stumbled on this old AEV Brute thread. Some cool/GREAT ideas here and some cool concepts too!

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                                not a RTT but a camper with a brute (not mine)
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