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2006 Hemi Brute AEV For Sale

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  • 2006 Hemi Brute AEV For Sale

    I have one of the last AEV TJ Brutes that I am considering selling. It's a 2006 5.7 Hemi brute built by AEV with highline kit in Yellow. It has two sets of Pintlers, one with 35"x12.50 Wrangler Duratraks and the other with 37" x 12.5" BFG KM2's, Warn's in the front and the back. It has a truck bed mounted rear facing back seat. The only non-AEV factory mod is the suspension kit, a (bolt on) short arm Metal Cloak 6 Pak 2.5" system, which is far superior to the original Old Man Emu set up. This truck rips. It gets more looks than a Lambo, and makes jeep owners salivate. 66K miles. I drive it about 45 miles a week to and from MTB park. Thats it. Never really goes off road. Make me an offer !
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    I think I know which Brute your speaking of. Post some pictures of what you have.
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      2nd on the pics request. Thx! ...and I think the AEV forum rule is, you have to post a price.
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