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Prepping 2013 Rubicon BDC for Sale

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  • Prepping 2013 Rubicon BDC for Sale

    I am prepping a loaded 2013 Rubicon BDC with a 6.4L Hemi for sale. I’ve looked at all of the comparable sale listings here and trying to determine the best place to list my vehicle…here, Bring a Trailer, Cars and Bids, etc. What’s worked best for sellers and buyers? Thanks.

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    Your best opportunity is here I believe. The most recent AEV JK Hemi brought well under the market value in my opinion.
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      This is going to be the best place. For the most part, people here know what it is and are going to put more value to the AEV name. If you put it on any other website, most people will look at it as a modified gladiator (not realizing its a 2013 and that makes no sense). Regardless, people are going to value it as a gladiator.
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