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How does Jonathan Ward from Icon4x4 do it?

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  • How does Jonathan Ward from Icon4x4 do it?

    just discovered this drunk rant. please ignore or delete.
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    What exactly are you looking for that the current JK platform doesnt provide? A diesel engine and dana 60 rear end with leaf springs? A 2 door unlimited you cant find a top for? I dont see how its anyway a family vehicle.

    You can buy a dana 60 for a JK...Plenty of options there. BTW you can even buy the dana 60 used in the J8 in ebay. Im not sure why youd convert from the coils though.

    As for diesels plenty of people do the upfit it just cost a ton of money. Its just not a great bang for your buck add on and if you go the Cummins BT route I dont think thats anything youd want to live with? Someone was selling the overseas diesel, the VM motor, on expedition portal for a JK -It was like 13K or 18K I cant remember

    you can even by a mopar kit to convert your 4dr JK to 2dr. Just dont add the half cab top or cut your roll bar -BAM you got a J8

    If you want a J8 youre going to have to a-la-cart it youreself, and pay crazy money.

    Im lost at what is going to be achieved here. ICON makes Iconic vehicles of yesterday that have modern powerplants and drivetrain, but a $80,000 CJ3B doesnt fit very well with most people
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      It's not that AEV "can't" do it, it's that AEV was trying to do it on a TOTALLY different scale than Icon. Icon is basically hand building stuff. And the price reflects that. AEV was trying to work out something to NOT have to do anything but install a drivetrain in a rolling chassis and be able to replicate that time a hundred or two over a year or two period. I could be wrong, but I don't think there are nearly 100 Icon *anythings* out there, much less 100 of any single Icon model.

      Don't get me wrong, Icon is doing great stuff, but the two aren't the same. And AEV isn't trying to be in Icon's business of insanely expensive one-offs.