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    Just got back from Weelin.

    I just got back from weelin near Browns Camp OR. The truck handled so much better then my wildest dreams. I took a route that my Stock 06 Rubicon wouldn't have made and it make it no problem. What a fun machine.


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      I'm guessing based upon what I see now (with 10k on them) that they'd be good for 30k. I won't know for sure as I'll be swapping out to 37's next week. My understanding is that the tires with big lugs run cooler when siped. When I talked to the guy at Van Altine he said that racers who sipe have found that with siping the tires gets up to temp more quickly but then euns cooler.

      I haven't found a problem with siping but I must confess that tire mileage isn't that important to me. My JK isn't a daily driver and all of it's use is on the trail and getting there so it's trail performance is most important. The difference in packed snow and on ice is astounding.


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        Originally posted by jpman42 View Post
        I am running the 4" lift with 37" tires. I had all the parts and install done by AEV
        Do you have the 4.5" lift, same as currently offered? The reason I ask is your shocks look different than those currently included in the kit.