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AEV 3.5" dualsport Caster questions

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  • AEV 3.5" dualsport Caster questions

    I have a 15 JKU sport with the 3.5" dualsport suspension. I have stock bumpers so no extra weight. I recently had it aligned and they said the caster was 2.9 deg drivers and 2.6 deg passengers. Do you think I should drop the upper control arm to the bottom hole for increased caster? How much gain in caster can I achieve by doing that? The jeep is a bit flighty so I would like to increase it but I don't really want adjustable control arms for now.

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    I would. If that does not quite do it you could get something like Teraflex fixed control arms. They have a stock clevite joint and are just 3/16" longer than stock.


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      Just move it to the bottom hole . It should net you about 4 degrees of caster depending on what hole you started out on.
      Caster it the high 2's is light but really doesn't pose any problems