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Anyone with 5:38 gears, hemi and 37s

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  • Anyone with 5:38 gears, hemi and 37s

    Anyone on here with 538s Hemi and 37s on Rubicon axles? Care to comment about drivability?

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    I don't have it but 538s seem kind of high.

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      I can't speak for the HEMI, but I'm running 35's with Rubi axles and 5.38 gears in my '07 with the manual tranny. It drives fine, but it's not my every day vehicle. I wouldn't really want it if I did a lot of highway driving though. Running 75 mph, I'm sitting at around 3100-3200 rpms. Around town and country roads are fine by me though.
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        Don't have a hemi but I'm running 5.13 gears on 37's with an AEV 4.5" lift on a 2012 JKU. It will never be mistaken for a hot rod, but it's can keep up with traffic. 72 mph is the sweet spot on open highways. It will run faster, but it starts getting a little whiney above 72 and the big 37" MT's start to feel a little loose at higher speeds. The main drawback with the 5.13 gears on paved roads is when going uphill from a dead start. The automatic transmission doesn't want to upshift and you end up driving up in low gear at 4000-4500 rpm. I would expect that to be worse with 5.39 gears. The positive side of the 5.13 gearing is the incredible low range torque when driving off road. It's a huge advantage over the stock gearing. Unless you're building a rock crawler, I'd think twice about going with 5.39 gears.


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          Depending on your engine size and transmission model as well as your vehicles weight results will vary.
          Personally I have a 2007 JKU with a 6.4 Hemi with the 545 auto running 37's
          I have 4.88 gearing and I feel it is a perfect all around ratio for my setup.
          My JK is a pig and it does weigh over 6000#