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AEV Roof Rack and Maximus-3 Side Roof Ladder

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  • AEV Roof Rack and Maximus-3 Side Roof Ladder

    Does anyone know if this will fit or can be used with the AEV Roof Rack?

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    Yes it will because AEV and Rhino racks platforms are the same.


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      I ordered two of these for my JK350 with AEV rack with the same line of thinking as Tank (AEVs rack is the Rhino Pioneer Platform...should fit just fine). However, the difference comes in the mounting system: the AEV rack mount, the Rhino Backbone, and the Maximus mounting feet are all different (and measure at different heights from roofline to rack). The AEV mounting feet stand about an inch taller than the Maximus feet (if memory serves). Therefore, the Maximus Ladders as designed will not fit with the AEV mounting system as designed. Sure the ladders will attach to the platform no problem but they are not the correct height to reach the mounting plate that installs between the tub and hardtop (unless you fabricate a spacer). I went through all of this with Maximus and I ended up sending my ladders back because they won't without alteration.