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  • Originally posted by cwford View Post
    I just put an Adams 1310 front DS on my 3.5in dual sport lift. No other adjustments. For the most part I can't tell the difference. I noticed a very slight vibration once but haven't felt it again.
    I'm going to drop off the AEV shaft this coming week and pay them the $52 diagnosis charge, and probably the $75 repair fee, throw it in with the original Rzeppa joint, and see if the vibration is gone. If so, I'll order the Teraflex high-angle Rzeppa and be good to go - no vibration, no risk of tearing the shaft boot on the transmission pan, and no risk of ripping the CV joint due to contact on the stock Rzeppa boot collar during off-road.

    If the vibration is still there after the AEV shaft rework, then I'll bite the bullet and buy their 1310 suggestion. Sure, I may spend a bit more in that case, but if the rework works, I'll have spent much less (and will still have my AEV shaft).

    Thanks for the tips, all!


    • I went with a CJ Tatton front DS. Sealed spicers at the 1310 on the axle end, TF high angle rzeppa at the tcase.

      $420 shipped & no vibes so far.