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Clinking sound that increases with speed and heat

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  • Clinking sound that increases with speed and heat

    hello everybody,

    i am in desperate need of some assistance and group advice. I have a 2014 Jeep jk that has a clinking sound that begins around 45-50 mph. It starts off dull and then increases in tempo and amplitude as I increase speed. When put into four wheel drive the noise stops for a few seconds and then resumes, but is harder to hear. I have replaced/rebuilt both driveshafts. I put in a brand new transfer case and the core of the front differential has been replaced in the last two months. I have rcv axles and have checked the front axle shafts, they are well greased and tight. I have a 6.4l hemi AEV conversion in the Jeep. Both driveshafts are Tom woods shafts, ARB front and rear air locking differentials. We have been at this for a month and a half and I can't just keep throwing money at a dart board hoping I hit the bullseye. I'm thinking maybe rear differential or rear axle shafts? Hopefully not the engine, but wouldn't make sense anyways if it was. At this point I'm at a loss...suggestions or insight?

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    By increasing heat, I mean the longer I drive the louder it gets until it peaks in sound. I hear it both accelerating and decelerating. Decelerating it may be a little more pronounced at first.