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Aev 3.5” sc lift with aftermarket track bar?

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  • Aev 3.5” sc lift with aftermarket track bar?

    Hi all,

    i have a 2017 jku rubi and was interested in upgrading my track bar to something beefier and adjustable. Either a rock krawler bomb proof bar or a teraflex monster bar. I was wondering if anyone out there is running a non-stock track bar with the 3.5” lift. And if so, what brand? I know there can be some clearance issues with the aev relocation bracket on the front passenger side.

    Side note: I know aev designed the lift and relocation bracket specifically to avoid a new track bar. But I’m just curious if anyone is doing it or has done it.

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    I'm currently running the JKS front trackbar. It makes contact with the AEV bracket thus limiting suspension travel. I am most likely going back to the OEM trackbar. There are tons of opinions on the net depending on which forums you read, but imho the OEM trackbar is just as good as anything in the aftermarket if running an AEV lift.
    2012 JKUR 3.5 SC, F/R Bumpers, HRH, Savegres, KM2s


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      I have had both the RK bomb proof and the TF monster and I would definitely go with the TF between those two. The RK was a pain to get adjusted and the axle side joint got loose pretty quickly. The TF was a breeze to set up. Also look at the Steersmart adjustable track bar it is very nice. I will say that on my jkr that had the aev 3.5 there was no need for an adjustable track bar as the axle was centered perfectly.


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        I am running the TeraFleX monster trackbar on my current Jeep as did so on my last Jeep as well. No issues, easy install, and good piece of mind to have a beefeir piece there.


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          Thanks for the replies!


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            Steersmarts Yeti XD Trackbar is another solid performer in the same price range as the TF monster. I've run both and prefer the Yeti, but only due to the fact I had issues with the TF bushings. The Yeti is heavier though so if you rig is already on the 'portly' side take that into account.


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              I installed track bars front and rear. JKS and TF I believe. After going from 3.5 to 4.5" I experienced odd handling and wandering. My JKUR is an AEV factory build but i found both axles off center by almost an inch. The trac bars fixed that right up.
              '15 JKUR AEV350