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  • Silver Savegre Paint Match

    I picked up a couple of used argent Savegres for a trailer project and had a hard time getting a paint code to match the silver ones on my Jeep.

    I read somewhere that Honda Alabaster silver metallic was a good match. I used that color (touch up pen) to fix scratches on the silver ones on the Jeep. Looked pretty good - can't really tell they were touched up.

    Based on the results from the touch up pen, I bought a couple of Dupli-Color (Honda Alabaster exact match) cans to spray the Argent ones in hopes they would match well enough that I can rotate them in with the ones already on the Jeep. The two attached pictures show what they look like in natural light and under fluorescent lights in the garage. In person, they look somewhere in between the two pictures. I noticed the difference immediately, but other people may not, especially when I get a little dirt on them.

    Just for info I sanded the argent with 220 then 400 grit, did about 5-6 coats of paint (almost 3 cans on 2 wheels) followed by two light then one medium coat of Automotive clear coat. Not bad for $32 plus $100 for the wheels, but I am not totally satisfied.

    I like the old argent color better than the silver, but don't want to shell out the coin for all 7 to get painted professionally....

    Does anyone else have any experience with other paint/code that may look better?

    Front is Honda Alabaster, rear is stock AEV silver in natural light. Fluorescent lights. Front Honda Alabaster, rear AEV silver.

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    Yeah, wanted something a little more permanent than PlastiDip. Have used it in the past on other projects and liked the results, just not on Jeep wheels.

    I don't know enough about painting to figure out why they looked so good in my "test" (see attached pic) before I had the wheels mounted. Once I had the tires mounted, the color seemed to change.

    Was it the light? Shadows now from the tire mounted? Do I need to wet sand the clear?

    Just wish there was a verified paint code for silver - can't afford to have all seven professionally painted.


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      Looks ok in the snow! Both wheels have water beading up on them. I guess the clear coat is at least similar in finish to stock AEV.
      I think I'm ok with the results. At least until I have the money to have all seven powder coated or at least painted professionally.


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        Just an FYI on powder coating wheels


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          Yeah, thanks for the link.
          I had read those posts before I decided to give rattle cans a shot on the two trailer wheels.
          Most likely I would have them professionaly painted if I decide to do all 7 at once.
          Although, we'll have to see how these stand up to the winter and salt - DIY is nice because of the low initial cost and I can touch them up for "free" whenever necessary.

          This pic shows a big difference - looked the same to my eye, though. The camera must have picked up the difference in metallic flake, maybe??? It was taken same time as the one above...weird.



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            I like them. In the pics they look extremely close. Metallic is really hard to match. The eye is much more sensitive to variation than a camera.