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Tire on Carrier Bumping Around

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  • Tire on Carrier Bumping Around


    A few months ago I was rear ended at slow speed and the car made contact with my AEV rear bumper and the lower part of my 35" tire. No visible damage can be seen on my bumper. However, ever since the accident, there has been a small noise that can be heard coming from my tire carrier when I hit bumps on the road. It sounds as if the tire itself is bumping around. I have tried to adjust the linkage to where the horizontal bar sits firmly into the saddle block, but the noise is still there. I spent last night playing with the linkage for about two hours with no luck.

    Can anyone think of anything else that might be causing this noise?

    Thank you!

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    Just a guess but could it be the anti vibration screw is loose? It's on page 7 of the install guide.


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      Start with making sure the tire is adjusted to fit snug against the tubes of the carrier (measure backspace, and adjust the tire in or out (page 7 as mentioned above). I would also check the saddle block to make sure it wasn't damaged.

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