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  • Lights vibration

    I have a 2017 Jeep that came with LED headlights and I decided to change out the IPF901 lights that came on the premium bumper to LED lights so I would eliminate the yellowish light and get the same LED white light. At the time, I could not find the LED IPF lights. Nobody had them in stock. I decided to use ProComp 7" LED light that looks to be a copy of the ARB light. Same bracket, light led layout, etc., except they have a black right rather than a red ring. I mounted them on the same brackets that IPF's were mounted on to keep it simple. But the lights vibrate when driving down the highway. Very annoying.

    So I start checking and I can touch the light and it will shake back and forth ever so slightly. Actually, I can tap one light and the both will move. I checked all the screws, mounting bolts that mount the bracket to the bumper, etc. and they are tight. The fact that both move indicates the movement is being transferred from one light, down the bracket, across the bumper, up the other bracket to the other light. Kinda shocked to see this. The IPF lights did not vibrate. There is not a light bracket on the IPF. Just a mounting bolt that mounts to the AEV bumper bracket for the lights. So I am thinking that the vibration is a result of having two brackets between the lights and the bumper. I can remove the AEV light mounting bracket and mount the lights directly to the bumper, but of course I will have to drill holes. Actually, a couple of holes for each light. I can probably use one of the holes from AEV bracket. There is not much area to drill and before I started adding holes arcross the top of the bumper, I wanted see what you guys thought. There is not much metal there to drill on and once I start drilling holes, there is no going back.



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    Even though the Procomp and ARB lights might look the same, the mounts are likely made of less expensive (thinner) material than the ARB lights, which makes them more susceptible to vibrations being carried through the brackets.

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      Go back and use the IPF lights.

      I too wanted to get rid of the yellow beams. I used a HID kit with slim ballasts. Everything fit inside the IPF housing and now I have super bright white HID lights for the price of a cheap HID kit.


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        I had the same issue. I ended up buying some different bulbs to put in and while it matches in color, the lights aren’t very bright. I’d be interested in the HID conversion.

        rcoe, can you provide details on what you used and how you installed them?