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  • AEV suspension and GVWR

    Hi all,

    I recently weighted my JKR (2-door) and was surprise to see it at 4840lbs. To be fair, it had a full tank of gas and my tool kit (the various tool kit accessories added a whooping 75lbs - diverse tools, Safe Jack, electrical bag,...). Nonetheless, this was the weight without passengers and overland gear (Engel fridge, a Goose gear-like cabinet that I am building, camping accessories, etc). I already removed the backseat, subwoofer and trunk trims/plastic. At 4840lbs, considering the stock GVWR of 5100lbs, leave me with a capacity of only 260lbs... My weight alone is 210lbs! I recently come across this page:

    I have the 3.5" DUALSPORT ™ SC on a 2-door JK. Accordingly to the table there, I could have up to 300lbs of weight added over the stock weight (I am running KM2 35 X 12.50 tires). Would that mean that instead of the GVWR being 5100lbs, it would now be 5400lbs? I appreciate any input that could help me understand better that table.

    I know that GVWR is more complicated than just weighting the Jeep (need to consider braking power, suspended weight vs total weight, etc), but I am quite concerned with my unloaded weight. Does anyone has experience with their rigs and weight after modding their Jeep?

    Thank you in advance for any help!

    Best regards,

    Jeep details (as weighted): JKR 2014, 2-door, AEV bumpers, AEV tire carrier, AEV gas caddy, AEV wheels, warn 9.5s winch, ARB CKMA12 compressor, Goose gear plate (removed backseat and trunk plastic trim), Vector trunk platform, fridge slide, diverse mechanic tool kit and Safe Jack.

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    No your gvwr is not increased by adding the aev lift. Bottom line is almost every jeep wrangler with any build at all is going to end up over gvwr by the time you add gear and passengers.


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      Thank you Jeffd! It is not the first time that I hear overland = overweight (specially on modded Jeeps). I did an inventory of all my gear, measuring the weight of each box, so I can pack smart when traveling. As a DD, I am not concerned, once I will be below GVWR. Although I am not quite comfortable with going over the GVWR, perhaps a better question would be: how much is acceptable? Or, is there modifications that you can do to accommodate the overweight? Some things that come to my mind: bigger brakes, better suspension system (hopefully covered by AEV suspension), reinforced axles, etc. Once I am a newbie on all this, any input from more experienced adventurers will be highly appreciated.


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        RE Weight: When you anticipate beefier bumpers or skid plates, there are Aluminum options - although at a cost penalty - which could save weight.
        That said, I have AEV bumpers and tire carrier & enjoy the added security that they provide.

        You could gain some insight from the overloading people on the Forum at There are sections within the site for specific makes of vehicles - including Jeeps.
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