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Tire carrier adjustment

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  • Tire carrier adjustment

    I just bought a used 16 Rubicon with a bunch of AEV paets.on it. Its has a rear bumper with the tire awing and i was curious if there is a way to adjust it. Best way i can explain it is. The bottom tube that fits into a C bracket isnt tight enough. On my last trip it was.driving me nuts so i folded up a bunch of gorilla tape to use as padding. If my explanation makes no sense i can take a picture. And yes i know the only time a Jeep isn't making a noise is when it's parked and not moving.
    thanks in advance

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    I think I know what part your talking about correct me if I'm wrong. Im guessing the "C" part you are talking about is on the tail gate. It does have some slight adjustment up and down plus the turnbuckle can be adjusted in to tighten things up. It seems like once every three years I have to mess with it a bit. If those two parts do not have enough adjustment then it become more of a pain and you need to unbolt the tire carrier and shim it into adjustment. The instructions for the install of the tire carrier covers this very well. Please post pictures when you get a chance.