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  • AEV rear vision camera


    Im sure this has come up before on the forum, if so, please direct me to the thread.

    2015 JKUR and the rear vision camera suddenly stopped working. The third brake light still works so I am thinking maybe the camera is dead? Any thoughts for trouble shooting and or is there an easy replacement for the camera?

    if not, what is the best replacement moving forward? I’ve seen the rear view mirror conversion to live camera products and think that’s probably the best option for situational awareness and overall safety when you have the fuel caddy and 35-37 inch tire mounted in the back.
    brandmotion-fullvue-rear-camera-mirror is one example of what I’m referencing.


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    More than likely it's a wiring issue. I found a brioken wire in my harness, Brand Motion made the camera and you can get a replacement from them. You are out of luck for a wiring harness. I had no luck trying to get them to supply me with one so I had to troubleshoot and repair the original harness.

    Good Luck
    Frank -- W9VMF
    2013 JKU MOAB Edition
    AEV 2.5 XT with geometry correction brackets
    AEV Saltas with 35 12.5 R17 BFG KM3


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