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Disappointed with the AEV 5160s and 4.5" HD springs

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  • Disappointed with the AEV 5160s and 4.5" HD springs

    After 90k miles I decided to upgrade my JK350 from the 3.5" springs and 5100 shocks to the 4.5" HD springs and 5160s since I'm carrying a lot of weight in my Jeep. Ive been driving around with this setup for over a year now and I very disappointed with the valving of the shocks, they are nowhere near up to the task of handling the extra spring rate of the HD springs. The rear of the Jeep is constantly floating up and down like an old Cadillac over any sort of bump.

    What are my options here? Can/should I get the 5160s re-valved to handle the extra spring rate? Are there better shock options for a heavy Jeep?

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    You would probably benefit most from a shock with adjustable settings. I’ve heard really good things about the Old Man Emu BP-51s and I’ve seen them in action on heavy JKs running AEV suspensions. Seem to work really well.
    2012 JKUR 3.5 SC, F/R Bumpers, HRH, Savegres, KM2s