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Radiator Fan in Hemi not working as expected

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  • Radiator Fan in Hemi not working as expected


    JK 2010 with AEV Hemi Kit 5.7 and 3.8 to 3.6 Fan conversion. My TIPM is 04692289AF so no problem there.

    The issue is that FAN always works either 100% or 0%. Even with the TIPM setting in PWM -10 HZ there is no variable speed.

    Now, the real issue is that Fan cable gets really hot and the BIG fuse melted. It's pulling really close to 60 amp all the time.

    First trip was 4 hours driving with AC on and FAN always on at full speed. FAN is off only when AC is off.

    Ground and Positive are directly from Battery so not loose connections.

    Is there anyone with this setup?

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