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    Originally posted by smess View Post
    JPK and comac90 nice posts I am i your camp.

    First I will say I currently own all the following secnarios but one. I never take advice from someone that has never owned the exact scenario that they preach is the absolute answer no if's, ands, or but's.


    06 Rubicon with 5.13's and 35's- better punch off the line than stock, 70 mph 2200rpms. Perfect

    08 Rubicon Unlimited with 345hp Hemi, 4.10's and 35's perfect.

    09 2 Door Rubicon with 345hp Hemi 5.13, screams on the highway at 70mph, 75mph max r's are way too high burn gas like a mofo.

    11 2 Door Rubicon Hemi VVT with Good Year 37" Kevlars, 4.10's. gets great gas mileage, I turn the overdrive off around town. Could use a 4.56 or 4.88 to be perfect right now gets incredable fuel economy and motor is not working at all.

    When we did the 11 one mechanic said perfect keeping the 4.10 the other saud you are crazy. I said why I have a sports car, not running stop light to stop light. He said reason for 5 somethings is it puts the 4:1 transfer case right in the speed/gear/rpm range he like to be in for the type of off roading he does. OK- I see now for his application it works and he has short commute to work. So now everyone that comes in his shop neeeds to have what he has

    If I was a tour guide in Moab Utah, a one stop light town I would do 5.13's and 37,s. Besides that I dont want to hear the muffler sounding like a Harley.

    BTW the 08 Hemi Unlimited performed perfectly in 4 low rock crawling in Moab.

    My freind has a 09 Unlimited six banger with 35,s and 4.88's. 45-65 mph all it does is up shift down shift up shift downshift, makes you want to vomit, He put a Ripp Supercharger on it, complete waste of money he said he got better economy and some improvement in the high end and the upper middle.

    I just got a 12 Unlimited with 4.10's it will get 315's (34.4's) and will be perfect, I could not imagine a Sahara with 3.21's. It must get good fuel economy but I wouldnt put any tires on it unless I was building it for my grandma.

    When I say perfect I mean that all around low end and mid range and high end you get decent performance and economy.

    I dont know what it is about the I-6 in the TJ but that 5.13 and 35's gives you low end without reving out the high end at 70mph. Its no Hemi bu it is a pleasure to drive vs that turkey 07-11 POS motor. Dont get me wrong its a nice snooth running motor for a stock Jeep and a female.

    Please everyone that takes a firm position on your posts invest 59 dollars in an ecomoter, made by autometer and is in the mopar catalogue. It will tell you where the sweet spot is for your exact Jeep with your altitude, mods, gear, humidity, etc.

    See what the ecometer says compared to the graphs and other peoples posts,

    You can get it at the dealer if they give you a decent price or ebay all day long for 60 buckss, dont forget to read the instructions becuase you have to set it for your motor and then leave it in instant mpg mode.
    LOL ....Great post

    Jason De Monto
    Trail Concepts
    2015 Jeep Rubicon
    Baja Yellow
    Dual Sport 106


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      So I guess we are all still waiting on the Pro-cal fix. I was on the highway today and with my 3.21s I was turning below 2k at close to 80mph. It would be nice to have that kind of ratio for the highway but definitely need something different around town. I guess you can't space out the transmission's gears that much???? Anyway - WAITING!!!!!!


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        I was one of the early 2012 gear-switchers left in limp mode. AEV was able to help me get mine up & running.
        With 5.13s and 37s, I'm turning ~2350rpms at 60, ~2850rpms at 70 (both in fifth/OD gear). That feels fine to me with the 3.6, and that's about as fast I drive anyhow.
        In a few weeks everybody will be able to gear however they want, with a lot less trouble than mine was.


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          I have a 2012 jk with a 6 speed and 3.21.. I'm riding on rubicon tires now and trying to put in 4.56 or 4.88 before I throw on the 35's. Does anyone know if the manuals are having any issues with regearing?


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            Manuals are fine. Same as the 07-11s.

            2015 Ram 3500 Cab Chassis SRW
            2009 Brute DoubleCab 5.7VVT Supercharged, 37s
            2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R
            2013 KTM 450XC-W


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              Few Questions, Shopping around for my new 2012 Sahara Unlimited

              Originally posted by AEV Dave View Post
              Manuals are fine. Same as the 07-11s.

              2012 Sahara Unlimited Auto (3.73)..

              Should I bother with 33's or just go to 35's? If 35's will 4.10 be enough? If 33's is 3.73's ok?

              Light to moderate trails, Overlanding and Beach is my scene.

              I was looking at the 2.5" TF lift are you guys making a 2.5" Coil lift soon?


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                Originally posted by AEV Jordan View Post

                Don't go changing gear ratios in your 2012s just yet. There are a couple modules that need to all have the correct gear ratio written in order to get out of first gear without throwing a P0731 DTC (Incorrect Gear Ratio).

                The procal successfully updates one location but not the other. This issue is solved and we have new modules being programmed right now. We'll have them in mid-September or so.

                If you have Procal (solo or from a kit) in the meantime as well as a 2012 vehicle, we'll work on an RMA process to swap out to the latest code once we release it. There will be more about that soon but it's not much of an issue.

                If you are purchasing a new AEV suspension for a 2012 vehicle, please call us before you place the order so we know how to handle that without having to ship the procal back for service as soon as you get it.

                We knew this issue was coming so we're already ahead of where we would be otherwise. If you can wait a couple weeks to regear your 2012 JK, we highly recommend it.
                Hi Jordan,

                I know this an old post but my mate just regeared his JK to 4.88 and programmed it using the AEV procal, after he took it for a drive it went into limp mode, see below for codes.


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