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power steering cooler in a 2012 / 2013??

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  • power steering cooler in a 2012 / 2013??

    Has anyone run a power steering cooler on a 2012 or 2013. I was going to install one but I noticed that the return hose is now a much larger diameter hose than in my 2007. Normally, its just a simple matter of rerouting the low pressure return hose to a cooler and then running a hose from the cooler back to the pump. But the new, larger hose has me wondering....

    This must have done for a reason. And most coolers are set up for, what, about a 3/8" hose? The new low pressure hose looks to be about an inch in diameter. I suppose one could cobble up some reducers, which would be a PITA. And then there is the impact that would have on flow rate. Smaller diameter hose would yield less volume at the same pressure. Would I be starving the power steering pump for fluid?

    Just wondering if anyone has solved this issue?

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    The autos already have one.
    Jim Walker
    2012 Sahara Tan JKUR


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      Interesting. I was wondering that. I was trying to trace the hoses around but was not able to follow everything. I was only half interested in it at the time. Well, that is good to know. Check that box!



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        Do they? Mine seems to have a trans cooler (tow package). Where's the PS cooler? My PS system seems to overheat.
        2014 Granite JKUR w/expo stuff