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Alternative to Bilsteins?

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  • Alternative to Bilsteins?

    Going to be ordering a AEV lift in the near future, either 2.5 or 3.5 still weighing the options. I have Bilstein 5100s on my truck and they look terrible, dark grey and corroded, they got this way after about 12 months. I had sprayed with Fluid Film and some CRC corrosion inhibitors but did not seem to make a big difference, the salt and chemicals they use on the roads in MA are brutal on vehicles.
    Is there another shock that AEV would recommend?
    I have heard Rancho 9000s are decent but I have never thought of Rancho as a quality brand.

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    Fox seems to be used by quite a few forum members. May have the same issue though with the salt.
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      Any shock with an unpainted aluminum body (Fox, Bilstein, King) are going to have the same problem. You could always paint the shocks, but many high end shocks are going to be bare aluminum since it acts as a heat sink for the fluid inside the shock, and paint would reduce the shocks ability to dissipate heat.

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        Upgraded to the Fox shocks on my 2009 JK. The improved performance was so noticeable that I put Fox shocks on my 2012 JKU. The most dramatic improvement was with side to side sway. When going over a shelf with the Bilstein shocks, the side to side swaying of the Jeep could be pretty jolting. The rebounding capabilities of the Fox shocks quickly dampen out most the jolting side to side swaying motion. There is also less front to back rocking and bouncing with the Fox shocks which leads to a much more comfortable ride. I recently added the Fox shock adjuster to the rear shocks on the JKU. With 9 settings, I can quickly change between a firmer setting for off road driving to a softer setting for highway driving. Just have one trip on them, but they seem to work well. Here is an earlier thread on Fox shocks.


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          You could use Shark Hide metal protectant and apply it to your 5100 or similar shocks. I have known a few to try this. Reapply every 6 months to a year.


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            I recently upgraded to the AEV remote Bilstein's and we protected them with a corrosion protection spray and they are holding up well.

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              I just went to the Fox Shocks. Night and Day difference. Admitantly my Bilstiens where"Toast" after their first 10,000 miles. I should have got rid of them a long time ago. Hopefully These Fok Shocks will last longer than a year for me ?