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    +standradized hardware and BETTER installation instructions with accompanying videos.


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      Love the styling of the JK bumpers. I've always preferred stubbies but no one makes something stamped with good flow. The mopar stuff looks like an erector set with all the bolt heads strewn across it.

      Would be nice to see a little more flexibility designed into parts. For example with the JK 3.5, 37s and flats made the most sense to me. I'd rather see a rear bumper that plays nicely than limit articulation or raise the cg up to 4.5. I know the JL combinations are going to be completely different but same perspective.

      Procal that has high beams with fog lights for offroad.

      Potable water storage.

      Alot of mention of safari rated springs. An air bag suspension or affordable alternative would be cool. Like an adjustable spring spacer you could tune on-the-go when the rig is weighted down for trips then adjust back during the week as a daily.
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        Personally I hope that AEV doesn't change much, just adapts to the new JL platform......I've always loved what AEV has done. I do not own an AEV Jeep.....I was waiting for the new JL, but knew that I wanted one from the first time I saw one....I'm all for improving things, such as making things stronger and/or easier. Adding components that may have been overlooked or not thought of originally are also great ideas (as many have posted), but just don't stray too far off from what we ALL clearly love !