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Which winch for the new bumpers?

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  • Which winch for the new bumpers?

    Anyone have any idea what winches (looking at Warn Zeon) will fit in the new bumper when it is released? I'm wanting to get one to put on the stock Mopar bumper for now, but don't want to have to replace it in a few months.


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    I'd like a verification on that as well. The photos from SEMA appear to have a Warn Zeon installed in the new AEV JL Bumper; might be an indication that the final production will accept a Zeon as well. The Warn Zeon is a rather large winch....I've seen on other forums that some slight cutting of the frame end sections is required for proper fitment. With that said, there are rumors that the new AEV bumpers sit higher than stock and most after market bumpers, so this might not be a concern with AEV's solution. We'll all know soon enough I suppose.


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      I can confirm that the bumper is designed for the Warn Zeon 10.