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Softer rear springs for 2.5" lift?

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  • Softer rear springs for 2.5" lift?

    Howdy! I haven't seen an answer to this yet...

    Are there softer springs for the 2.5" Dual Sport RT lift which will eliminate the rake, and give a slightly softer ride in the back?

    We put the 2.5" Dual Sport RT on my wife's 2020 2-door JL Willys. It's an 80/20 vehicle. 80% groceries, 20% rocks. The lift is awesome, but the rear springs are pretty harsh. I'd like to get rid of the rake that is present, and soften up the springs just a touch.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Anyone? Is AEV listening?


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      There are currently no softer spring options for the 2.5 lift. These lifts are designed to account for added weight that would typically be found in a overland/expedition build. If you’re looking for a lift that feels plush and rides close to stock go with the MOPAR lift.
      2012 JKUR 3.5 SC, F/R Bumpers, HRH, Savegres, KM2s