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    Originally posted by RF2200 View Post

    Not sure what you mean by warning limit lines, but if you mean the lines that are supposed to indicate where you will line up when backing into a parking spot, for instance, they aren't very accurate to begin with but they would be pretty far off with relocating the camera, I would assume.

    Yea that is what I am referring to. I actually have found that they are very accurate and would prefer to keep them if at all possible.

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      guys i very much appreciate the warnings on the roof rack. it wasn't my first choice. it's kind of my last choice after eliminating the rest. i've seen lots of options and none of them seemed like they would really handle dynamic load

      suggestions that involve the bed or removing the diamondback cover aren't going to work for me because i already have plans to use all that space. so bed mount is not an option.

      my problems with rear bumper mount are:
      it makes the truck too long. this is a serious issue and major concern
      aforementioned issues around camera and sensors (possibly can mitigate)


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        Am I right in that you're running Toyo R/T's? Do you like them?