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    I too am someone who's been lurking on here since the first concept was released. I'm finally at a point where I'm in the market for a new truck and have already started the process. I would love to put the AEV lift on a 3500 but I have some concerns. We have a horse trailer and currently have a travel trailer, but would like to get a 5th wheel eventually. Is anyone here pulling a gooseneck/5th wheel with this lift? I know that flipping the axles on the trailer is an option but wanted to see what experiences you all have had.

    Also, my research has led me to believe that the AAM 11.5" comes with the AAM TracRite GT limited slip. Does anyone else know this to be true on the 2017's? I'm thinking about just leaving that since the wife and daughter will drive it as well and then just put a locker up front. Thoughts?

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    37 kit will hook up to whatever you want shouldn't have any issues. I personally use the front locker more then the rear on my truck so your approach should work perfect. Here is the original Nomad we built with the new owners putting it through it's pace's.
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      My truck is not lifted but I do pull a Gooseneck trailer
      The neck on my trailer is adjustable which would compensate for a lifted or lowered tow vehicle. I have never pulled a 5th wheel trailer but I do not think they are adjustable like a gooseneck would be which is something to consider when purchasing a trailer.


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        not a good idea. i know enough stock height trucks that have had the beds contact the 5th wheel on dirt roads with little flex.



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          It all depends on the trailer. A lot of snowmobile goosenecks are made for lifted trucks where as a lot of horse trailers are not...its all in the demographic for the trailer mfg. I had issues with a stock dually on a trailer I had. Best bet is to order the trailer and set the height with the dealer.

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