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    Stormtroopers, thanks for the pictures and advice. It's helped a bunch. Started rear flares all went well till time to put on the transfer stickers for hole positioning. Half of the stickers were a mother goose to get the backing off. Had to use an exact-o knife to pick them off. To make matters worse 3 of the stickers did pull off right. Soooo now it looks like I'm measuring hole to hole to get the correct position...... Also I've got to figure out a new position for the fender support rod FASS in the way..
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      Gunslug, you need to use Goof Off for the stickers. I also used it to wipe down the bed side first really good to get the old wax off, then glass cleaner right after to get the goof-off off. I did not clean the flair so the sticker wouldn't stick so good. Just drill out the holes you do have, then reposition the flare with new stickers and Mark it again. If you don't have any more stickers use double-sided sticky tape.

      Yard work, mulch.


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        This is how I did my bed supports. I did not cut them like I'm supposed to. I bent the out side half of the rod and straighten up the inside one. Then drilled new mounting holes. I don't feel like the original AEV way with cutting has enough support for the bedside. I'm going to be adding more support brackets to mine.

        This is how my support rods look.


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          Sorry I just realized I have a long bed and that maybe the differences support wise. The short bed doesn't have as much material to flop around.


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            I figured it out.
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              Just curious, what have you done for steering and gearing?
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                Originally posted by Stormtroopers View Post

                TTEngineer, have you ever had the Toyo MT. I was worried about the MT before I had them, poor traction in snow, noise, etc. I love this tire! This is why I when the extra mile to make this tire fit.

                Years ago I had their first gen M/Ts on my Tahoe.

                Going from a Mickey Thomson Baja Claw to
                Toyo was a huge difference, but I still found them loud. Not as loud as the claws but still loud.

                Plus M/Ts never last as long as A/Ts.

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                  I am a huge fan of the 40x13.5r17 Toyo M/T they actually made it out of a different compound then any of the other M/T Toyo's. I don't think they are loud but I have also run just about every 40" tire you can think of, they are the best snow tire around (I haven't tried the new Cooper STT pro however) and I have gotten the best tire wear of any tire out of them even towing.
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                    .com, I have a psc hydro kit still in the box. My stock box started to act up with the 37's in tight steering situations with high traction, ie parking lots. So for now I know not to crank on the wheel with out moving. I am looking forward to this mod. As far as gears go I am a g56 and currently 3.73 . I do need to change my driving habit some, shifting wise. I might be having to rent a skidsteer and a dump trailer for some landscaping projects at the new house. So I might get a chance to see how it tows.

                    Diesel Power Products, when you say different compound, do you mean softer? I was concerned that the tire was really designed for a "Jeep" read light, not a HD Truck. Hence the load rating. Have you run my size tire? If so, how would it compare? You obviously have more experience with tires than I do.


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                      Love this. Nice job FYI:

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