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2012 XL LOW COG Build

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  • 2012 XL LOW COG Build

    This is my 2012 XL Low center of gravity build.

    I know I am in uncharted territory but that has never stopped me before.

    Currently I am running 37x13.5 r17 toyo mt with no lift. Wheels are eagle alloy 101 17x9 -8.* I am using pure performance adjustable short arms and adjusted track bar. I have the arms set to 7/8 of an inch longer than stock. This is the MAX limit without doing a ton of work moving the track bar mount. I did notch the track bar mount where the lower spring perch would rub.* I spaced the front bumper forward 1 inch for clearance. I have trimmed the pinch weld and pulled back the wheel liner. This is a perfect fitment with virtually no rub! only on the control arm at full lock and compression (only when the tire was brand new and it just took the paint off.) I tested this for 40k and it rocks!

    Well then, bigger is better.

    Here's the plan. 40's with no lift! So I am planning on running 40x15.5 r20 toyo mt and a 20x10 wheel. I would have loved to run a 17 but the load rating on them were a little too low 3100 ish vs 4100 ish on the 20. I do work my truck. I will be using AEV XL flares and front bumper. I hope to gain enough clearance with the flares to make this work.

    This truck is my work truck, family, play and do all truck.* I have been stockpiling parts for a while to get this done. I am working on a master build plan, I am on a budget, and I just bought a new house so progress will be as funds permit, no cc used here. I run my own fireplaces service business and am moving so..

    Lots of pictures.

    Some older pictures




    Starting tear down


    When I relocated to wiring you have to loosen the body mounts on one side. Well I decided that I would slide the cab back. Well I managed to get 1/4 inch out of the cab and 3/16 out of the bed.




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    The good stuff

    Cab corner

    Here is were I went off book. I cut the cab corner back 1 inch more than I was supposed to.

    Here is a good shot a how much more I took.


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      Trimming the pinch weld layers so it last flat when pounded down. I did the passenger side twice. (Looks like the third times the charm)

      Toyo MT 40x15.5 r20 vs 37x13.5 r17

      Trimmed flair bracket.

      The 37 is bald as you can see


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        Painting the bumper my self. I left the texture and color and cleared over it.


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          Test fitting


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            Nice work! I'm doing the flares myself also. The pictures help so much with some questions I had.


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              Gunslug, thanks for the complement. If you have any questions please feel to ask, I also a ton more picture if you need anything specific.

              I was going to try and use my stock front bumper also but I decided to splurge for my birthday in April. I will be checking in on your build to see how it comes out.

              More pictures.

              Bed side


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                Here is what I been trying to get to do

                NO LIFT WITH 40'S


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                  Oh wow. I really didn't think it would have worked as well as it did. Nice job.

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                    Looks awesome! Thanks for including all the detailed install pics!


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                      So what are you going to use for fender liner now?
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                        TTengineer, thanks I didn't know if it would work either but I figure it would be close. So I went for it. I had planned on if necessary I could lift it like the AEV kit and limit suspension travel.

                        Thank you Moonshine. I have a ton more pictures, and who doesn't like pictures.

                        BoldAdventure, I just put the wheels on last night when they came in, i was too excited. The plan is to use a fork lift to flex out the suspension and make sure the fire wall is clearanced enough for the tire and fender liner. Then I will weld it all up.

                        I might add some lift to the truck in the future, I don't know. If I do it would be 2 to 3 inches. By doing all of this I'm trying maximized suspension travel, not just gain height.

                        Mockup of fog lights


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                          14 2500 CTD


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                            Very nice look you achieved. What wheel is that? I am thinking of doing the 40" install from 37" and now think 15.5 will fit just fine.


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                              Chet6.7 thanks

                              Between last night and today I've done 40 miles or so, all in town, and I only have rubbed on the upper control arm at almost full lock. I have not installed steering stops 1/8 would be about right. So far no body contact, and no swaybar contact, I hit upper control arm first.

                              I forgot to say the wheels are American Eagle 101 new style 20x10 -20 offset.

                              Basically flush