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    New member here. Have had my 2016 Prospector over a year now (#50 built) and at 35k, my draglink is worn and is being warrantied by the local dealer. Got 35k out of the BFGs and have Nitto Ridge Grapplers and had an alignment done because my truck has always had a right hand pull since new, and recently (last thousand miles) I have had horrendous death wobble, that’s when we found the draglink was shot.

    Issue is, AEV needs pics etc and the dealer has to special
    order IF AEV even approves the warranty, so in the mean time I get to drive around for however many weeks it take them to decide with loose steering and death wobble wanting to creep in... which also, the Bilsteins are shot as well. My truck is like a pogostick.

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    Well the rest of my post did not show up... I was asking is their any heavier duty brand of draglink anyone is using?

    Also looking at Fox for shock replacements, but for cost reasons also looking at Rancho 7000 or 9000. I’m wanting to get the rebound under control. Any suggestions there? Truck is loaded like a tank with a bedside and a lot of gear as well as a Leer shell and rack. So it’s heavy. It’s mainly used as a DD 100 miles daily, but moderately used off road, nothing major.


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      Synergy for steering.
      2016 3500 MCSB CTD 4wd, G56, Bighorn, Rambox, Granite Metallic, Amp steps, Amp bed step, AEV lift, Carli radius arms, Carli rear mini-pack, ARB lockers F&R, AAM 4.10 R&Ps, AEV diff covers.

      2015 Nash 25C trailer


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        Did you ever get this resolved?


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          After I finally got the drag link replaced by the dealer,

          I still had a little bit of death wobble but part of that is because my dealer is an idiot as they set it to a factory spec stock truck .

          Then I received a recall notice from AEV that the factory passenger side knuckle was not machined correctly so they sent me a brand new knuckle that’s been machined and has an insert installed as well as a brand new drag link they are wanting the driaglink back for inspection.

          I haven’t done the work yet because I’m going to purchase Dyna track ball joints and install them at the same time.
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            Ok Thank you I appreciate the info


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                Can AEV update what kind of photo files it will except? HEIC is the new wave of photos, jpeg is old tech. I just found this out trying to upload pics. Thanks guys.